Where to make a baby?

Capture 1-04-42

One of the most controversial scenes of the movie “Courier” by K. Shakhnazarov is when Ivan and Katya decided to make a baby and were looking for a place to do it. This episode seems to have appeared out of a sudden, since it was in neither of the scripts we found, nor it the book, which lays in the basis of the film. This episode has almost lead to a form of Katya’s protest against her father with the biggest consequences. All that Katya and Ivan could find for their purpose, was a dirty wet basement of an apartment block. And at the moment when they, despite everything, created some romantic atmosphere by their most private confessions, some man walked by and harshly rebuked them for immorality and debauchery. At that moment our lovers felt ashamed and the romantic atmosphere has vanished. Katya condemned Ivan in everything and walked away telling Ivan never to come close to her again. This episode can be considered a pre-culmination of the movie.