Courier break-dance 2

First Soviet Break-dancers

Courier break-dance

Courier editing office

in the edditing office

Courier fancy clothes

A very fancy suit. In film Ivan was dressed more humble.

Courier filming crew

how the film was actually made

Courier filming

Courier in the court room

empty court room

Courier Ivan and Bazin

before Ivan gave his own coat to Bazin

Courier Ivan and Katya

Ivan and Katya during a break between scenes

Courier Ivan and mother

Courier Ivan's company

The characters look much younger on this picture than in the actual movie.

Courier Kuznetsov's family

Kuznetsov’s family

Courier Kuznetsov's tablefull

Ivan singing the “nighingale”

Courier soccer field

Soviet courtyard soccer field

Courier Trava u Doma

Singing Trava u Doma

Courier young Shakhnazarov

Is it young Karen Shakhnazarov?

film Courier Soviet party

A Soviet party.