Perestroika is translated from russian as reconstruction. It is a set of reforms in the late USSR 1985-1991.

In his book Mikhail Gorbachev, the initiator of perestroika, explains the concept of it. Here are the quotes from his book:

  • Perestroika – is a radical overcome of the stagnation processes and demolition of the mechanisms that slow down our progress, the establishment of a reliable and effective mechanism for accelerating socio-economic development and making the society more dynamic.
  • Perestroika – is a reliance on the creativity of the people’s masses. This is the full development of democracy, socialist self-management, promotion of initiatives, strengthening discipline and order, increased publicity, criticism and self-criticism in all the spheres of our society. The value and dignity of the individual should be highly respected.
  • Perestroika – is a comprehensive intensification of the Soviet economy, reconstruction and development in economic management principles of democratic centralism, the widespread introduction of the economic methods of management, refusal of the command and administrative economy, all-round promotion of innovations and socialist enterprise.
  • Perestroika – is a decisive turn toward science, the ability to put any undertaking on a solid scientific basis. This connection of scientific and technological revolution with a planned economy.
  • Perestroika – is a priority development of social services, all aimed at better meet of the Soviet people’s needs in good conditions of work, life, recreation, education and health care. It is a constant concern for the spiritual wealth and culture of each person and of society as a whole.
  • Perestroika – is an active deliverance our society of distortion of socialist morality, it is consistent implementation of the principles of social justice. This is a unity of words and deeds, rights and duties. This is an uprising of honest, high-quality labor, overcoming the tendencies of its equalization payment and consumerism.

We started a big rebuilding. Changing approaches, the whole way of thinking, the way of life, stereotypes. The atmosphere in the society has changed a lot. The motion started. We get a lot of support and, based on it, move the matter further. If we were not sure about this policy, my companions and I would not suggest it.

Now we have the experience of two years of practical implementation of this policy. Our confidence in what we do has increased significantly. Let’s go this way, no matter how difficult it becomes.