In the vegetable store

In the vegetable store

In one of the scripts of the film “Courier” 1986 there is a scene in the vegetable storage. This scene is neither in the book by Karen Shakhnazarov, on which the movie was based, nor in the final version of the film, apparently because of too rigid satire in this scene. The events are taking pace in the vegetable store, where, for some reason, was sent our protagonist Ivan, a courier in a scientific magazine. The head of the working group gave the task: “These bags of cabbage should be removed from this wall to that one …”.

-What for? – asked one, of the intelligent kind, in glasses.

-Where do you work, comrade? – Strictly said brigadier of the storage as a response to the question.

–  I am a Senior Researcher in a Research Institute, – said the man in glasses.

– Ask your questions there. Here you have to work!

– But it is not reasonable – said the researcher – when the trucks come, we’ll just immediately put the bags in them.

– Trucks may come or may not come – it’s not your business, comrade. – The bags should be transferred from this wall to that one. Clear?

– But what’s the point? – couldn’t stop the researcher.

– The point is that, is this wall is wet, and that one is dry.

– So why didn’t you put the bags by the dry wall in the first place?

– Because the command was to put it by this wall! – Said the brigadier, piercing the researcher with eyes full of hatred.

– Don’t look at me like that, – he said throwing a challenge. – The times are not the same.

– So, now, – said the brigadier playing with his chaws. – Cabbage to that wall. Clear?

All were silent

– Clear? – repeated the brigadier, referring to Ivan.

– Сlear, – Ivan shrugged.

– What’s your name? – Inquired the brigadier.

– Ivan …

– I appoint you, Ivan, the senior of the group … – the foreman turned to the scientist: – Fulfill all of his orders without questioning. If someone will skive – report back … Zilch, I’ll sign their working hours – promised the brigadier and left the vegetable store.

– Go ahead, senior, command, – an elderly man, who also looked like a scientist, addressed Ivan.

– Let’s begin, comrades, – said Ivan, picked up а bag and dragged it to the opposite wall.

– I’ll write in the newspaper – threatened researcher, putting a bag on his back.

And the work has begun.