Tools: Your Activist Chart

Activism & Your Big Three

In the astrology world your big three are your Sun, Moon, and Ascendent (rising) placement. As I described in the post on Astrology and Identity – the sun sign has often been viewed as core to ones identity in western interpretations of astrology. In our pursuit to understand astrology outside of patriarchal, colonial, neoliberal roots it is essential for us to know more than just the sun sign when discussing justice. To begin we will discuss the importance of the Sun, Moon, and Rising as equal to oneanother in understanding how to read our charts for activism.

Most of us know our Sun sign off hand, and many know their Ascending and Moon (especially if you have any astrology app). Astrologer Chani Nicholas defines the big three in these terms:

  1. Sun—your life’s purpose
  2. Moon—your physical and emotional needs
  3. Ascendant and Its Ruler—your motivation for living and the direction your life is steered in (Excerpt from You Were Born For This) 

Nicholas’ definition of these three placements are easily adapted to understand how we may read our charts for activism and the pursuit of justice. I see it like this:

  1. Ascendant and Its Ruler – your motivations pursuing justice. What issues drive you everyday to continue fighting and striving for justice? What are you willing to put it all on the line for?
  2. Moon – your physical and emotional needs within the pursuit of justice. How do you care for yourself and others through the embodiement of your purpose?
  3. Sun – Your purpose in the pursuit of justice. What is your intended arena and where are you the most influential as an activist?

Now that you know from what lens to read each placement, next we will discuss all the different signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Saggitarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces) and what they may mean in these placements. You can find your placements online or using an astrology app – Charts is my favorite for finding and understanding my birth chart.

Once you have your chart – find what signs are in your big three placements. For example, I am a Gemini Sun, a Taurus Moon, and a Pisces Rising. Although this may not make much sense to you right now, we will describe the basic characteristics of each of these signs. With each sign, I will guide you through a variety of different reflection questions related to your placements that will help you understand how to reflect on how you can read your big three for racial justice.

The Basics of the Signs: Sun, Moon, & Rising Placements

Please read for your Big Three Placements. Click the menu bar, then click the drop down link next to “Tools: Your Activist Chart” to select each of your placements. Begin reading the description of your rising sign, then moon, then sun. After you read the basic traits please reflect on the questions. These questions are tailored to understanding how you can interpret your Big Three for activism and racial justice. (Questions written by me but inspired by Chani Nicholas’ reflection questions in her book You Were Born for This.)

For example: I would begin by reading Pisces, then Taurus, then Gemini. I would reflect on the questions in the same order, and I would journal my answers so that I can continue to reflect on them and look back at my work.