Introduction: What is Astrology for Authentic Activism?

My capstone project is a creative resistance project that is intended to claim the spiritual practice of astrology as a valuable tool for understanding ourselves and our pursuit of racial justice and activism. The project is multifaceted in that it responds to the westernization and white-washing of astrology in popular media while also acknowledging its influence among Generation Z and Millenials in popular culture.  

On this website I ask that you begin by exploring my blog posts on the history and various cultural adaptations of astrology and astrologies’ relationship to western colonialism. Next I invite you to explore the tools for application and understanding. There you can learn about what our big three placements mean (Sun, Rising, Moon) and how they inform our purpose for justice. I encourage you to explore my miscellaneous section for more information on astrology and some of the other areas of the practice that I do not highlight in this project. Some of the topics in that section include: how universal timing has helped me stay motivated and encouraged, how houses and various planet placements can inform more of our work and how we connect with others, institutional charts and why they are important, and more! Finaly, I provide a page where I have provided examples of some responses to the reflection questions – including my own. 

Before you begin I recommend that you start by identifying your Big Three Placements if you do not know them already. Please consult astro charts to calculate your chart (try and locate your birth time if you can – if not, provide an estimate or just focus on your moon and sun).

Thank you for viewing!