Basic Traits

Taurus is an earth sign, and the moon is exalted in this sign. This means that the moon has an extra strong influence in this sign. According to astrologer Sagittarian Mind, Taurus is known as the builder, for its stability, methodical approach, and persistence. In the work of racial justice a Taurus is valuable for being grounded and providing a critical thinking lens that is built on the literal interpretation of a situation or an issue. They are also stubborn signs and are not easily willing to back down – this can cause issues internally within a community but can also be vital in staying committed to the cause. Taurus is a slow moving sign that functions with love at its core. Chani Nicholas explains that the sign is ruled by Venus which represents love, connection, and relationships. In pursuing racial justice, love and building connection is vital to the cause which makes Taurus an especially powerful sign in this work. They are extremely faithful to the people they care for and committed to their fights for justice. Their orientation towards love has influenced some of the most radical ideas from powerfully influential activists for equality like Malcolm X, Karl Marx, and Adrienne Rich. Oftentimes a Taurus’ stubborn nature and slow approach can cause obstacles in working towards a common goal, so it is important to be cognizant of when you need to make space for other ideas and more direct action.


devoted, affectionate, reliable, patient, productive, sensual, trustworthy, resourceful, materialistic, possessive, greedy, predictable, lazy, stubborn, inflexible.

Activist with this Sign

Malcolm X was a Taurus Sun meaning that his purpose in life was oriented towards building and sustaining a life of love and beauty. Youtuber, TheStarinYou explains that Taurus’ strength in speech and ability to move people through the power of word is evident in the work of Malcolm X and his influence as a leader and speaker. He also explains that it is clear the values of love and harmony were central to Malcolm X’s work within the Civil Rights Movement. Although whiteness often attempts to portray the image of Malcolm X as one of violence, his work was rooted in a pursuit of love through empowering and validating the experience of the Black community. The tumblr page 13 Signs writes that the Taurus characteristics of stubborness influenced Malcolm X’s dislike of hypocrisy and his commitment to staying loyal to his perspectives without wavering.

For your Rising

You are motivated to create a sense of safety and comfort for your community by being someone that everyone can rely on.  To uncover your motivation please reflect on these questions…

  1. Taurus risings tend to bring people together through the comfort and stability that they offer to their community, how might an ability to build community serve in motivating your pursuit of racial justice?
  2. Oftentimes, patience or steadiness are unvalued characteristics under a capitalist structure, how can these characteristics actually benefit the work of racial justice and how might they best be cultivated for this work?

For your Moon

In search of stability and security you build the spaces, the relationships, the communities that you know the world needs. To uncover how to care for yourself along this path please ask yourself these questions…

  1. Because the moon is exalted in Taurus you may feel like you have exceedingly high expectations to fulfill in your life. Because racial justice work can often be long and hard, how can you care for yourself as you work through the internal pressure that you feel?
  2. As a Taurus moon you are often someone that others come to for relief and a sense of grounding. You are an essential tool in providing your fellow comrades support in justice work, however how might you best balance your own need for security with what you are able to offer to others?

For your Sun

You were made to cultivate beauty in your environment through radiating beauty in all that you pursue.  To uncover your purpose ask yourself these questions…

  1. How does the need for stability and structure relate to racial justice work? Do you find yourself pursuing work that promotes stability? If so, what does that look like in the fight for Racial Justice?
  2. How has being stubborn hurt or helped you? In racial justice work how may it be a strength and how may it be an obstacle?