Basic Traits

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, ruled by jupiter, and symbolized as the Wise Teacher. As a mutable fire sign you are one of the most confident, optimistic, and philosophical of the signs. You are always eager and excited to take on a new adventure and never too concerned about the logistics of it all. With Jupiter as ruler you are interested in all things relating to wisdom, teaching, philosophy, and spirituality. You tend to be motivated to learn more about the things that are not concrete and you are uniquely equipped to make this information digestible for your friends. The sagittarius is also symbolized as the centaur which illuminates the multiplicity of a sagittarius – they want to be constantly involved and invested in many different projects. They do not want to stay on one path, but instead have the capacity to explore all that can be explored. In the work of Racial Justice a sagittarius is constantly ready to take direct action – their exciting energy will likely gather others behind them as well. Sagittarius’ orientation towards wisdom and truth also means that they feel most fulfilled when they are actively pursuing the truth and this often means pursuing justice. Sagittarius’ are also especially aware of the universality and humanity of each of us, which makes them powerful leaders in building community through solidarity.  Sometimes sagittarius’ need to slow down and take time to reflect in order to truly honor their pursuit of the truth, sometimes they can get swept up in people pleasing and popular.


honest, optimistic, spontaneous, adventurous, philosophical, moral, humorous, outspoken, over-confident, impatient, superficial, reckless, careless, pretentious

Activist with this Sign

Arundhati Roy is a sagittarius sun, activist, and writer from India. Her book God of Small Things won the Man Booker Prize for Fiction in 1997 (and is one of my favorite books). Since writing that novel she has also produced many other writing works on social causes and activism. She is a well known advocate for anti-globalization and a critique of neoliberalism. As a sagittarius it makes sense that she has moved throughout a variety of different advocacy and activist roles. She has written novels, non-fiction books, and screenplays to advocate for various social justice pursuits from anti-zionism to US Foreign Policy and the war in Iraq. She has a fiery attitude when it comes to what she is passionate about, and she has been critiqued for her passion over and over again. However, like many other sagittarius’ she remains committed to her pursuit.

For your Rising

You are inspired to see the world with the widest lens possible, searching for spaces in which you can expand your perspectives and identify new truths. To uncover your motivation please reflect on these questions…

  1. What social issues do you find yourself most eager to learn more about? Are there many? Are they constantly changing? How might they relate to one another?
  2. What questions do you find yourself constantly asking? Where or from who do you think these answers can be uncovered? How do these questions inform your role within racial justice work?

For your Moon

You are most comfortable and most safe when you are not being tied down by systems or modes of thinking. You crave a space where you are free to explore. To uncover how to care for yourself please ask yourself these questions…

  1. How does change, movement, and exploration function in your life right now? Do you crave more of it? Less of it?
  2. How might your need for freedom or change provide you with a strength in pursuing racial justice work? In what ways could it be an obstacle?

For your Sun

You are set out to pursue the truth, deliver the truth, and defend the truth through passionate action. To uncover this purpose ask yourself these questions…

  1. How do you see yourself pursuing justice or uncovering truth? Where are you, what tools do you need? Do you feel the need to share your pursuit? With who?
  2. You are excited by so many different paths, how do you best uncover the path that is intended for you? What questions do you need to ask yourself? What role might your positionality play in finding the right space?