Basic Traits

Virgo is an earth sign ruled by mercury and symbolized as the Perfectionist. Virgos are particularly intentional creatures who are much more focused on their journey towards an end goal and the path that they pursue rather than any product or outcome. As an earth sign they are a resourceful sign who seeks to actually become the resource that others can depend on. As a mutable earth sign they are much more flexible than capricorn or taurus meaning that they are willing to help wherever is needed. In the work of racial justice Virgos are dependable signs who will get the job done. But more importantly, they acknowledge the fact that the work is almost never done and they tend to remain committed and loyal to the causes that they align themselves with. Their hard work and dedication also means that they are typically a few steps ahead of the game than their peers – this means that they are great accomplices. Virgos are essential helpers in making sure that the actions being pursued are organized and will be successful. Especially with reference to the often exhausting work of racial justice, Virgos have to be careful of becoming too invested in the process and not celebrating the success of their work. As a sign that is driven to fix, be wary of your tendency to see your relationships as fix-it projects instead of complex individuals.


modest, analytical, organized, helpful, careful, skillful, sensible, conservative, petty, judgemental, over-critical, fussy, skeptical, cynical, irritable

Activist with this Sign

Marsha P. Johnson was a virgo sun and an extremely influential civil rights, and trans rights activist in the late 60s and early 70s. Johnson was a core member of the Stonewall Riots, but following the riots she continued working hard developing programs for LGBTQ youth and community members. She and her friend Sylvia Rivera co-created and operated a housing program called STAR house which cared for young LGTBQ youth. The two women organized and funded the house using their own money they made through sex work and drag performance. She is also well known as a leader and organizer for Act-Up. It is very clear to see Marsha P. Johnson’s Virgo identity through her hard work organizing and building these programs from the ground up. As a virgo she was committed to building the very core of the activist, and making space for her other community members to continue the efforts for long lasting change.

For your Rising

As an adaptable, practical and resourceful earth sign, you are especially attuned to what needs fixing and how best to fix it. To uncover your motivation please reflect on these questions…

  1. What spaces and in what environments do you feel most fulfilled to express yourself? How do you perform in these spaces? Where are you most comfortable and where are you most inspired?
  2. Do you tend to be overly critical of yourself? About what? How might you reclaim your self criticism to illustrate the work you are most committed to? How might this work reflect a role of organizing?

For your Moon

You feel fulfilled when you are working hard, being resourceful, and making a practical difference. To uncover how to care for yourself on this path please ask yourself these questions…

  1. Virgo moons tend to put more pressure on themselves than other signs to be constantly working hard and achieving perfection. Because activist work is constantly changing, how can you affirm and validate the work you do while also acknowledging the need to constantly revise and review?
  2. Do you engage with healing and restoration? If so, how? If not, why might you need to? How is healing and restoration helpful in the work of racial justice?

For your Sun

You are driven to live out your life through hard-work and a great deal of effort focused on the issues that you are most committed to. To uncover this purpose ask yourself these questions…

  1. What projects have you worked on in your life that you are most proud of? What role did you play in those projects? How do these projects and your roles reflect work of social justice and activism?
  2. Sometimes in racial justice work, because it tends to be slower moving and tireless, it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. How might you as someone who is more inspired by the process be able to motivate and encourage your community to continue moving forward?