Basic Traits

Capricorn is a saturn ruled, cardinal, earth sign that is known as the Achiever. As an earth sign, capricorn was made to use its resources, thoughtfully, practically, and with careful attention. They do not move or think particularly fast, but they are an extremely intentional sign. Capricorns are especially motivated to make things work through their pragmatic perspective. Although not always discussed, capricorns are an especially emotional sign but they are very protective over their emotions so it can appear as if they are colder than they truly are. In the work of racial justice a capricorn can provide perspective and pause so that the work being done and the action being pursued is the most effective and sustainable work possible. A capricorn can often become too attached to achievement making it difficult for them to stay committed to their true fight, so it is important for them to consistently reflect on their motivations and identify what is truly driving them towards a cause. Capricorns in particular are the sign that is sometimes most co-opted by values of capitalism which paint them as a hardworking sign that is career oriented and takes very little breaks to care for themselves. However, when oriented away from capitalist pursuits and towards their passions, a capricorn will work hard for what they believe in, and they will help others stay on the same path through stability and guidance.


responsible, realistic, ambitious, diligent, disciplined, mature, reserved, productive, controlling, pessimistic, brooding, prideful shy, snobbish, unforgiving, insecure

Activist with this Sign

Mary J. Blige is a legendary Hip Hop and R&B artist and a Capricorn sun. Blige was the first woman signed to Uptown Records record label as a backup singer when she was only 17 years old. Throughout her career she suffered from abuse, depression, and addiction, yet she continued to produce music and perfect her craft amidst her internal struggle. Blige, like other Capricorns, focused on her work and her personal goals as a way to channel her difficult emotions. Blige’s album What’s the 411? specifically highlights the narratives of Black women as a response to the beginning of her career where she felt that her story was regularly being shared through male voices. Capricorns are very focused on using their hard work as a means to an end, and this is evident in the way that Blige used the platform that she built to fight for racial justice for Black women. She also paved the way for more and more women to enter the world of both R&B and Hip-Hop.

For your Rising

You are deeply contemplative and eager to uncover people and places in which you are able to work hard and feel successful. To uncover your motivation please reflect on these questions…

  1. What have you accomplished in your life which you are especially proud to share? What projects do you feel are not fully finished? And which projects do you feel that you are still waiting to begin?
  2. Who matters to you most? What role in your life do they play? Do they encourage you to commit to any certain fights or pursuits of justice?

For your Moon

You often feel like you are caring for yourself when you are acting on restraint and you feel in control over what you are consuming. To uncover how to care for yourself please ask yourself these questions…

  1. You may feel the most satisfied when being self-reliant however in the work of racial justice relying on community is core to the work. In what ways do you rely on others right now? Is it difficult for you? Why or why not?
  2. At its core racial justice is rooted in love – with a focus on empowerment. As a capricorn sometimes self love and self empowerment is not your most comfortable state. Do you have a tendency to punish yourself when you feel you have not worked hard enough? If so, how does this serve you or impact you? How might it impact others in your life?

For your Sun

You are a driven sign who is walking a path of hard work and resilience in order to achieve some of your greatest ambitions. To uncover this purpose ask yourself these questions…

  1. Capricorns feel a unique responsibility to care or provide for the family and friends. How can this need to care or need to provide translate to a fight for racial justice? Do you think they are related? How or how not?
  2. What do you see as your life’s work? Is it creatively oriented? Community oriented? Justice centered? Is education involved? How do you want to pursue it? Does it already include racial justice? Should it?