Basic Traits

Leo is ruled by the sun and is known as the Performer. Leo’s are often known for the enigma-like energy that they give off and the community of followers that are attracted to their light and illuminosity. You are encouraged by external validation and you seek applause in the creative work that you do. In the work of racial justice it is often difficult to find constant validation, however your attitude will encourage those around you to express themselves unapologetically and in creative ways. It is essential in racial justice work to have leaders who will think creatively, affirm joy, value individuality, and self-expression of those involved in the work. Without this refreshing dose of Leo perspective – the tireless work can cause burnout. Leo is also known as a strong sign whose attractive energy makes them a natural leader. They are courageous and bold signs that are willing to put themselves at risk for the benefit of their community. As a Leo you may be called to lead others through resistance as the strong guiding light. However, racial justice is most valuable when it is collective so be conscious of when you advocate too much for the individual without acknowledging the power of the community.


generous, faithful, brave, creative, entertaining, vibrant, joyful, dignified, bossy, domineering, lazy, overbearing, conceited, vain, patronising, dramatic

Activist with this Sign

Henrietta Lacks was a leo sun whose cells were taken from her without her consent in an act of medical theft, but have aided in the creation of many valuable medical advancements (HeLa cells). Lacks, as recorded by her children and friends, was a very good mother who worked hard and enjoyed her social life a great deal. She was categorized as very strong, level headed, and confident. When she was diagnosed with cancer she kept much of her suffering to herself and remained the guiding light for her family despite her internal struggles. Her identity as a leo was evident in her enjoyment of life and her choice to fight her cancer independently – never outwardly showing that she was scared or unhappy. She remained a guiding light in her family until she passed. (The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, by Rebecca Skloot).

For your Rising

You are driven to uncover spaces in which you are able to express yourself unapologetically and creatively. To uncover your motivation please reflect on these questions…

  1. What spaces are you most confident and comfortable being your authentic self? What draws you to those spaces? How can you cultivate that energy elsewhere?
  2. What do you want your legacy to be? Or what impact do you want to have on the people in your life? How can you orient this towards a purpose of racial justice, activism, and anti-racism?

For your Moon

You need external validation to feel seen, cared for, and to find the energy to continue working towards your goals fearlessly and tirelessly. To uncover how to care for yourself please ask yourself these questions…

  1. Because racial justice seeks to disrupt the status quo and fight systems of power, applause and affirmation from the outside is not the goal. How can you work to affirm your own validation as most important instead of focusing on the applause of others?
  2. How do you best feel fulfilled in your identity? Are you taking on a leadership role? a creative role? or an exciting and joyful role? How can you take part in this role through the collective goals of racial justice?

For your Sun

You are someone who seeks a life where you can shine brightly and surround yourself with people who affirm you, excite you, and celebrate your creative lust for life. To uncover this purpose ask yourself these questions…

  1. Creative resistance is a powerful tool for racial justice work. Do you see yourself investing in that work? How would you begin? Who do you need in your corner to pursue it?
  2. What obstacles has the need for validation caused you in your life? What about in your pursuit of racial justice? Do you try to combat it, if so how?