Basic Traits

Scorpio is a water sign, ruled by Mars and known as the Healer. Mars is known in the west as the planet of taboos with its focus on sex, aggression, death, and lust. Scorpio’s are innately powerful as the sign that sheds light and sheds beauty on these often villainized subjects. Because they are so attuned to darkness they are capable of confronting the most difficult and scary emotions and providing a dose of reality, helpful reflection, and necessary care. They are vital to the work of healing in racial justice work because they are not afraid to talk about the dark things, the radical things, and the sensual things. The things that are censored in the white world. Scorpio’s emotional intensity means that they are able to see perspectives that are uniquely raw and they can uncover the best ways for moving forward in justice and healing with a particular clarity. Scorpios are often criticized for being cold or detached however those who truly know a scorpio understand that they are so emotional that they keep their emotions guarded from the outside world and hold on to their special intensity. Because of their internal processing, they have an incredible emotional archive that helps them make informed decisions about who to trust and who to let in. In racial justice work they are capable of breaking through emotional barriers and introducing a path towards healing, but they also need to confront their stubbornness and the grudges that they may hold in order to provide forgiveness and invite growth.


intense, passionate, seductive, magnetic, powerful, mysterious, driven, renewing, obsessive, jealous, vindictive, deceptive, controlling, resentful, secretive

Activist with this Sign

Chrystos is a Minominee poet and Two Spirit inidgenous activist and a scorpio sun. As a self-educated writer, her deviance from the normative culture reflects her scorpio identity. Her poetry reflects her deep and “fiercely personal” reflections of her identity as an “urban indian,” lesbian, and two-spirit (Audre Lorde Project). Her scorpio sun is reflected in her poetry, confronting dark and taboo subjects like lesbian lust, personal suffering, anger and sexual violence. Additionally, scorpios are uniquely attuned to emotional memory, and Chrystos illustrates this characteristic through consistently challenging the causes of generational trauma experienced by her indigenous ancestors through her writing and her activism.

For your Rising

You seek out the ways of life, the people, and the perspectives that are unconventional, unique, and unexpected. To uncover your motivation please reflect on these questions…

  1. Where and with whom do you feel the most comfortable expressing your deep emotional self? How might you uncover these same spaces within the fight for racial justice? Have you already found them? What are they like?
  2. You are uniquely able to dig deep into the emotions of yourself and others. How might emotional depth inspire your fight towards justice? How might it hinder it?

For your Moon

With a moon in scorpio the moon is in its fall – meaning that you may have to work harder than others to find stability and security. The emotion ruled moon can feel overwhelmed with intensity when in scorpio. To uncover how to care for yourself along this path please ask yourself these questions…

  1. Your emotional depth is endless and sometimes can feel burdensome for yourself. How have you processed through this emotional depth to serve you best? Are you able to express it through compassion for others? Through passionate fights for justice? Action? Creativity?
  2. In what ways do you find your sensitive side coming out? How might sensitivity help you pursue racial justice work? Does it create obstacles? Can it keep you grounded? Can it make you anxious?

For your Sun

You are a fixed sign that values deep concentration, reflection, and the power of intuition. To uncover your purpose ask yourself these questions…

  1. Do you value transformation or find yourself desiring it? What does transformation look like to you? Is it internal or external? How might transformation inspire you to act on injustice?
  2. How does your perspective towards the dark, deep, and intense aid you in uncovering your placement in activism? Are you drawn to create change? Uproot the status quo? Disrupt the norm? How?