Basic Traits

As a cardinal air sign, ruled by Venus (love and relationships) Libra is known as the moderator. The sign resembles a scale that is always in balance which illustrates Libra’s intuition and attention to the feelings of those around them, and their desire to make others comfortable. As the peacekeeper of the zodiac you have an especially special role in racial justice work. According the Lillith astrology Libra is correlated with the Justice card in Tarot. In the story of justice the goddess Dike pushes her earthly community to adopt a commitment to justice and virtue – eventually this goddess becomes a constellation (virgo) and she carries the scales of justice in her hand which make up the constellation of Libra. This story can be interpreted to show Libra’s consistent commitment and dedication to the cause of justice. Their desire to communicate and encourage others using your unique and special attraction is a powerful force for commanding justice in their communities. Similar to other air signs, Libra’s can often come off as passive in their desire to validate the various sides to every situation. However your unique ability to understand the minds of others is a powerful tool to bring people together and to promote a special sense of love and mutuality.


romantic, cooperative, fair, charming, easygoing, peaceful, elegant, polite, gullible, indecisive, unemotional, vain, passive-aggressive, superficial, insincere, self-absorbed

Activist with this Sign

Mahatma Gandhi, born in Indian in 1969, was a Libra sun. Through his legacy as an influential non-violent resistance leader it is clear to see his Libra identity. Like many Libra’s his energy was captivating and many people were drawn to follow him in his activist efforts. His commitment to using nonviolence to consistently fight for independence and reject discrimination show the Libra qualities of peace, fairness, and justice.

For your Rising

You crave balance in your life and with your relationships and you seek spaces where you can build these balanced connections. To uncover your motivation please reflect on these questions…

  1. Do you resonate as the peacemaker or moderator? How has this identity served you or set you back? What about within racial justice?
  2. What are you driven to find balance and create peace within? What calls for justice do you feel attached to and ready to fight for?

For your Moon

You are fulfilled when manifesting a world of beauty, harmony, and justice. To uncover how to care for yourself along this path please ask yourself these questions…

  1. In the work of racial justice you are asked to stay committed to the fight but be willing to learn and change your perspectives throughout. How do the values of a Libra help you move through this work with flexibility?
  2. Libra moons sometimes become uncomfortable with situations of difference or conclift. How can you work through this discomfort to continue pursuing justice and remaining committed to your fight?

For your Sun

You are driven to live a life centered around balance and peace by building connections and seeing others as they are. To uncover this purpose ask yourself these questions…

  1. Where do you see injustice? How does injustice, oppression, violence, etc… make you feel? And how do those feelings call you to act?
  2. How do you build connections with your family, friends, and community? In what ways are these connections fruitful? How have they helped you pursue racial justice, or how might they help you?