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Astrological Transit

The planets, sun and moon are constantly in transit (movement) in our sky and with their movement comes movement for each of us. For example let’s consider the sky as it is today on May 15th, 2021 in Northfield MN:

Leo is Ascending at 1 degree, the Sun is 25 degrees in Taurus, the Moon is 7 Degrees in Cancer, Mercury is 16 degrees in Gemini, Venus is 8 degrees in gemini, Mars is 13 degrees in cancer, Jupiter is 0 degrees in pisces, Saturn is 13 degrees in aquarius, Uranus is 11 degrees in Taurus, Neptune is 22 degrees in Pisces, and Pluto is 26 degrees in Capricorn.

This may sound like a lot or be a little overwhelming to comprehend but I will try and provide some background on what transit may mean to help make this a bit more digestible.

As I said earlier – planets are constantly moving and the placements in our chart respond to the movements. When the sun is in Taurus as it is right now we all may feel a stronger sense of stability and sensuality in each of our own lives. With the moon in cancer we are each experiencing a more intense sensitivity and possibly a need for more care than usual to feel emotionally secure. Because the moon is in cancer which is the sign that rules my mercury this means that my approach to emotions is particularly attuned to the way I communicate and spread ideas today and through this cancer moon season. Many people are familiar with things like Mercury in retrograde Mars in retrograde, or Venus in retrograde which is a period of time where it seems as if the planet is moving backwards in orbit. For astrologers this backwards motion signifies a disruption in whatever that planet is ruler of. Some planets move very slowly so their impact lasts much longer or has a greater impact on a larger amount of people over a longer period of time.

Many of these planets can last in one place for an entire generation leaving an impact on a large group of people. For example, Generation Z correlates with a pluto in sagittarius since it takes pluto 20 years to move through a sign. Those of us who have a Pluto in Sagittarius tend to be oriented towards a more philosophical approach to life in which they are more concerned with big ideas and a collective soul purpose. This generation is especially focused on the future and has a more worldwide mindset than the other signs because of it’s Sagittarius characteristics. I see this come alive in my generation’s obsession with social media, but also with our unique ability to build cross cultural and transnational connections through social media. I also see this in our shared concern with issues of the environment and systemic racism in which we are being called to fight for a better world in our future. In addition – we also are undergoing a Pluto transition through Capricorn that began in 2009. This transit highlights an uprooting of institutions and systems. To me it makes sense that this disrupting time for institutions (think of all of that has been exposed within the government, hollywood, police systems, economic system etc… since 2009), has pushed the Sagittarius generation to begin thinking more about how to restructure our future through abolishing these systems rather than simply seeking to improve them.

Transits are valuable to know because they can foster a sense of solidarity and shared experience. When mercury is in retrograde for example we know that everyone is experiencing similar gaps in communication, perception, and intellect. We can give each other more space to ask questions and more forgiveness to make mistakes. We can recognize a shared solidarity and hopefulness for the future knowing that those in our Pluto generation share a similar approach to life and to the issues that we are most concerned with. In the work of racial justice I believe that compassion and community care are central. As Audre Lorde has said, the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house, therefore we have to reject standards of being that are embedded in white, patriarchal culture such as individualism, hierarchy, toxic masculinity etc… Through shared solidarity, understanding, and empathy I believe we are more equipped to foster a world of acceptance and unconditional love.

Knowing and understanding planetary movement is obviously not easy and requires quite a bit of education. However I believe that it can be worth the time and energy – If not just because it is pretty fascinating!

Houses and Planet Placements

Now that we have learned a bit more about the sun, moon, and rising placements I think it is also worth recognizing that there are many other planet placements that can impact how we live out our lives and express ourselves. Feel free to read the descriptions of the signs to consider them in relation to these planets. (Most information derived from the App Charts)

Mercury: This planet rules areas of thinking, communication, intellect, reason, logic, mentality, percpetion, intelligence

Venus: This planet rules areas of love, affection, comfort, values, attraction, sense of beauty, relationships, sociability

Mars: This planet rules areas of desire, passion, sexuality, aggression, anger, drive, survival instinct, energy

Jupiter: This planet rules areas of optimism, vision, luck, understanding, abundance, confidence, faith, success

Saturn: This planet rules areas of maturity, diligence, resilience, structure, discipline, restriction, boundaries, karma

Uranus: This planet rules areas of independence, ingenuity, originality, liberation, nonconformity, change, disruption, social awareness

Neptune: This planet rules areas of dreams, inspiration, confusion, imagination, fantasy, illusions, transcendence, deception

Pluto: This planet rules areas of power, transformation, obsessions, control, evolution, rebirth, empowerment, manipulation

Each Placement exists within a house. According to Chani Nicholas, “the planets are the actors and the signs are their styles or costumes, then the houses are the sets where their stories are lived out.” Each house gives you perspective on where the subjects and expressions of the planets and signs will happen. I think about it very literally – the house is where each planet and sign is lived out. For example my Venus is in Leo in my 6th house meaning that I will express love and affection by being generous and faithful particularly in my work and service life where I may need more attention or validation form others. If you know your house placements it can help you understand what to be aware of pertaining to your reactions and expressions within each space or environment of each house.

First House: self awareness, new beginnings, appearance, first impressions, character, outer behavior, temperament, self-interest, mannerisms, outook

Second House: money, possesions, self-worth, assets, attatchments, values, wealth, personal resources, self-esteem, earning and spending

Third House: communicaiton, learning, speaking, writing, throught process, short travel, neighbors, siblings, logic, intellect

Fourth House: domestic affairs, private life, self-care, childhood, traditions, family, foundation, property, emotional security, inner-self

Fifth House: romance, creativity, leisure, self-expression, pleasure, love affairs, entertainment, children talent, gambling, sex

Sixth House: self improvement, service, work, habits, care for animals, health, routines, enemies, caretaking, self discipline, productivity, illness

Seventh House: significant relationships, business partnerships, what you seek in others, marriage, conflicts, agreements, attraction, partnerships, opponents, cooperation, competition, secret enemies

Eighth House: intimacy, legacy, bonding, attitude toward growth and change, joint resources, rebirth, taboo, sexual activities, letting go, inheritance

Ninth House: long distance travel, higher education, discovery, adventure, understanding, beliefs, morals, philosophy, culture, abstraction

Tenth House: long term goals, ambition, public image, career, profession, achievements, honor, status, reputation, prestige, employment

Eleventh House: friendship, social life, hopes, windfalls, humanitarian interests, dreams, social causes, wishes, sudden gains, associations, acquaintances

Twelfth House: healing, hidden enemies, solitude, self-undoing, privacy, secrets, acceptance, sacrifice, karma, hidden talents, subconcious mind

Institutional Charts

Listen to me talk about what an institutional chart is and how it can provide further reflection on astrology for activism

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