Basic Traits

As you may have read – Aries is a sign that is ruled by Mars and the Sun is exalted in this placement. This means that Aries is defined in a large part by the characteristics associated with these planets (Mars and Sun). Aries are symbolized as the Warrior – characterized as action oriented, driven and independent. In organizing for racial justice these signs are essential for motivating others and leading some efforts. They are driven to act in order to “transgress the limits culture deems appropriate.” (Chani Nicholas, You were Born for This). Aries rising, moon, and sun placements will all show their aries side in different ways and through various methods of expression, so there is no one way to see an aries. They tend to value individual expression and orienting oneself in pursuit of independent goals and aspirations. According to Lillith astrology the Aries provides energy that “often manifests as direct, refreshing and sincere self-expression.” For an Aries you may find yourself getting particularly passionate and driven to act on the issues of racial justice that you recognize. Regardless of if this sign is in your rising, moon, or sun placement – this sign is an extremely powerful sign for taking on leadership and steering the ship. Just remember that racial justice is collective and can not be individually centered. There may be times when you will need to set aside your independence and allow for other voices to be heard (especially if you are white).


Courageous, confident, enthusiastic, fearless, competitive, independent, passionate, pioneering, short-tempered, impatient, combative, rude, selfish, inconsiderate, argumentative

Activist with this Sign

Maya Angelou was an Aries sun. According to astrologer Coryna O, Angelou channeled her Aries sun through self-advocacy, confidence and courage. She was always very sure of her values and consistently oriented herselves towards pursuing justice in the name of these values. Her creative work, her journalism, and her activism all illustrate a sustained commitment to fighting for racial justice. Even her very first job as the first Black female streetcar driver illustrates her life long pursuit of justice through individuality. As an Aries sun her courage, motivation, and commitment to the cause kept her constantly in action.

For your Rising

You are known for being someone who is driven to act spontaneously and courageously. To uncover your motivation please reflect on these questions…

  1. Around what social issues do you see your Aries characteristics presenting themselves for you? Are there some social issues that in particular leave you feeling motivated and pushed to act?
  2. Racial justice is inherently communal work, as an Aries rising you like to be distinct from the pack, how can you balance your sense of individuality and motivation to act with the collective needs of your community of activists?

For your Moon

You need independence and freedom to feel comfortable, safe, and fulfilled. To uncover how to care for yourself along this path please ask yourself these questions…

  1. In honoring your need for independence and personal competition, what ways can you work independently for the collective goals for racial justice? Do you need to focus inwardly to care for your own internal healing, or do you want to lead more collective healing work?
  2. How can you combine your need for action with whatever privileges you hold? Are there spaces where your individual identity is needed more than other spaces? Can you put your body on the line? Is your leadership needed behind the scenes?

For your Sun

You are committed to standing up for your beliefs and values and leading others in the fight for justice.  To uncover your purpose ask yourself these questions…

  1. Aries sun tend to resist fear, how does fearlessness play a role in racial justice work? How can you courageously act towards the purpose of racial justice work?
  2. You have an ability to motivate others in your life around certain social issues that drive you. In what ways can you use your influence to inspire your community to collectively act towards racial justice?