Basic Traits

Gemini is an air sign ruled by Mercury – the planet of communication. According to Sagittarian Mind, the gemini is known as the Informer. They are recognized for their curious nature, quick wit, and consistent desire to learn. As an air sign Gemini tend to struggle when they feel stuck or unable to come and go as they please according to astrologer Mecca Woods (Astrology for Success and Happiness, 50). Woods also explains that Gemini’s thrive thinking on their feet and thinking outside of the box. In racial justice work a Gemini may be especially helpful for making decisions quickly and rationally. According to Chani Nicholas, a Gemini’s role in the world is to disperse information, meaning they are valuable in bringing people together around a certain value or cause through education and invitation. Their signature symbol, the twins, represent their strength in the ability to play many roles and to recognize the unique differences/perspectives within the people they communicate with. Not only are they able to function in many different roles, they thrive when they are able to try new things and walk down new paths. Gemini’s can promote valuable conversation and deep reflection which is essential to promoting racial justice work and thinking critical about the intersections of racism in everyday life. Sometimes criticized as being “two faced” or “fake” a Gemini needs to remember to stay true to themselves and resist the need to please those around them – especially when it comes to staying committed to activist work.


clever, curious, witty, adaptable, intelligent, chatty, versatile, inquisitive, anxious, nervous, indecisive, inconsistent, immature, easily bored, sarcastic, and nosy

Activist with this Sign

Jamaica Kincaid, writer and activist, is a gemini sun. According to Lillith astrology. Kincaid is an influential writer who draws on her own personal experiences in her writing. Her gemini sun is in her first house of self which illustrates her desire to express herself openly through her writing. Her personal history is rooted in resilience of the immigrant experience and her willingness to share her story openly and with vulnerability shows the power and influence of the Gemini’s ability to share and distribute information.

For your Rising

You are a shapeshifter, constantly adapting, changing, and growing to stay alert to any new person, new idea, or new experience that comes your way. To uncover your motivation please reflect on these questions…

  1. Do you resonate with your curious nature? If so, how has curiosity motivated the action that you take in life or the issues that you stand up for?
  2. Communication is an essential tool in racial justice work, how does communication motivate you to advance activism? Do you resonate with this unique strength and value of communication?

For your Moon

You express and decompress through sharing your ideas and knew perspectives widely with your world. To uncover how to care for yourself along this path please ask yourself these questions…

  1. How can your ability to process work through communication help you connect with your comrades? How can communication help you process the work you are invested in and care for yourselves and your community?
  2. Gemini moons have a tendency to deflect emotion from the new things that they are learning or taking in, this can cause obstacles within Racial justice work which is extremely emotional and vulnerable. How can you use your intellect or curiosity to reflect on your emotions and feelings instead of avoiding them?

For your Sun

You create spaces where you are able to connect with as many people as possible and develop an environment in which communicating and sharing ideas is at the very center. To uncover your purpose ask yourself these questions…

  1. Sometimes engaging in dialogue can be the most draining work in racial justice but is still an essential role – how can your ability to understand multiple perspectives help you engage with others? Is this a role you see yourself pursuing?
  2. You thrive with versatility. In what ways does versatility function in racial justice work and how can you harness your need for movement and change to keep you invested in racial justice work rather than burnt out by it?