Basic Traits

A cardinal air sign ruled by the Moon, Cancer is a distinctly emotional, calm, and nurturing sign known as the Protector. Cancers tend to think first and foremost about the others in their life and tend to reflect their emotions in order to offer empathy and care to them in the best way possible. In the work of racial justice Cancers are essential for providing love and nurturing community throughout this inherently difficult and emotional work. Cancer shines when building and cultivating emotional bonds, and can begin to feel defensive when these relationships or bonds are no longer offering stability and security. Cancer is a cardinal water sign which means that they invite us all in to the emotional aspect of life and one another. They are an emotional guide that initiates vulnerability. However, Sagittarrian Mind explains Cancer as a sign that struggles with balancing the emotions of themselves and also bearing the emotions of their community and the world. In order to take care of yourself in the emotional realm of Racial Justice work it is essential that you do not hold on to the emotions of others and you ask for the same care that you give to others. You may be the protector but you also need to be the protected.


imaginative, comforting, caring, sympathetic, nurturing, protective, sentimental, defensive, manipulative, moody, clinging, nagging, insecure, clannish.

Activist with this Sign

Grace Lee Boggs was a Cancer sun who was known widely as an Asian American Rights and Civil Rights activist. She and her partner James Boggs were very influential radical thinkers who worked tirelessly on civil rights efforts in Detroit and nationally. Boggs’ message of civil rights and organizing was rooted in the power of the community of those were were suffering. She emphasized the influence of building a community rooted in solidarity and love that would stand up to injustice. As a cancer it makes sense that she was so inspired and moved by the relationships and the people that she worked with. This famous quote from her book I think appropriately outlines her Cancer influences of love and connection: “We are struggling to change this country because we love it.”

For your Rising

You are constantly searching to find spaces where you can feel and be felt safely and with no bounds. To uncover your motivation please reflect on these questions…

  1. What environments and relationships in your life are ones that you consistently feel yourself drawn to? What is your role there and what is being shared?
  2. What types of roles are needed in racial justice work that you feel yourself called to? How does the role of the protector resonate with you?

For your Moon

Your need to nourish your community unapologetically is an opening in the work of racial justice to build a space of safety and solace for your activist community. To uncover how to care for yourself please ask yourself these questions…

  1. What types of care are you most confident or comfortable giving others? Is it physical? Material? Proactive? Re-active?
  2. Cancer moons are reliable and loyal and you tend to be a trusted person that others want to confide in, however you tend to be more protective over your own emotions. Why might this create obstacles for you in the vulnerable work of racial justice? How can you balance this?

For your Sun

Your strength of building bonds and committing yourself to caring for others is an especially powerful tool when confronting the racist violence of the state. To uncover this purpose ask yourself these questions…

  1. How do I care for my friends, family, and community currently? What might this look like in a bigger and more diverse community? Where is this needed most?
  2. When taking on the role of the protector how can I avoid falling under the category of martyrdom or saviourism? Is this a label I tend to lean towards? How can I balance the care I give with the care I ask for in return?