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Contested Spaces – Arkansas River Haiku

A haiku in honor of the 2014 ACM-SAIL Contested Spaces learning seminar in Colorado and to a great rafting team. There is tremendous opportunity in this experience to consider how integral theory applies to thinking about environmental learning, action, and reflection.

Returning to the new familiar

I felt a profound sense of connectedness and spirit in this place. I listened to the fluttering of birds on wing, the pace of fellow travelers making music with footsteps in the small stones, the wind moving branches and leaves, and to the warmth of the sun shining into my spirit.

Gift of the Persistently Possible

Just how does one step into the next story? In the liberal arts sense, we do it with thoughtfulness. Thoughtfulness embodied and expressed by people in the careful way they think and in how they care about other people and places.

Culture is Knowledge – Knowledge is Culture

From EnvSci Australia…09 Feb 2012 Today’s theme was “Ways of Knowing” as it relates to observing and recording culture.  Our guide for this experience was Dr. John Bradley, simply an extraordinary, gifted teacher, anthropologist and human.  John has worked with the Yanyuwa people of the Northern Territory; home country is the SW coast of the […]