Musings on Green…

During the last two weeks we have enjoyed the Melbourne area during a break, journeyed to Canberra to see Parliament, discussed how environment plays into the political process and we now find ourselves in Sydney. The break allowed us to muse on various “Green” ideas, topics or just free form thoughts. As we reflect back on our first six weeks in country we ask, “Did we need to journey half-way around the world to appreciate how we are inextricably part of nature and to fully appreciate its wonder, diversity and beauty?”

Culture is Knowledge – Knowledge is Culture

From EnvSci Australia…09 Feb 2012 Today’s theme was “Ways of Knowing” as it relates to observing and recording culture.  Our guide for this experience was Dr. John Bradley, simply an extraordinary, gifted teacher, anthropologist and human.  John has worked with the Yanyuwa people of the Northern Territory; home country is the SW coast of the […]