Paul Jackson

Professor, Chemistry & Environmental Studies

As a chemist and environmental scientist, I enjoy engaging fellow citizens in topics and actions related to surface water quality, green chemistry, agriculture, landscapes, and sustainable living.

A St. Olaf I have the privilege of working with a fantastic community of students and staff who love to learn about the world around them.  The guiding principles involved in my work combine passion for the environment and for teaching with a call to serve others anPTJacksond the earth.  As a fellow learner with students we explore the complexities of sustainability and stewardship in the chemistry profession, on the St. Olaf campus, and throughout the world.  My curiosity about emerging environmental contaminants in surface waters and the ability to measure these materials establish projects of local relevance that remind us of our global connectivity.   Recently I worked with community partners to conduct a watershed assessment on the only cold water stream in Rice County, and assisted the College in developing its next 20 year framework plan.

In a nutshell I enjoy exploring the intersection of science, communities, ethics and communication.   The discovery of learning how we learn and transferring our learned ideals into action bring excitement to my daily life.   I look forward to engaging current and future students and colleagues in a quest to understand how examining the consequences of our action or inaction at the molecular level serves to care for our world of precious resources.  Perhaps our paths will cross in courses, such as, introductory chemistry, integrated chemistry/biology, analytical chemistry, introduction to environmental studies, integration and application in environmental studies, or thematic environmental topics courses.  Others may see me leading an off-campus study course like Environmental Science in Australia or Undergraduate Research in Japan (Recovery from Disturbance).  Still others may witness this scientist in community theater, remodeling his home, or enjoying the company of a spouse and lovable Boston Terriers.  In whatever the context, let us go forth and learn from one another while having great fun.