Jenna Coughlin, PhD

Researcher and Lecturer: Scandinavian Studies & Environmental Humanities

Responses to Thunberg Project

“Responses to Greta Thunberg in International Media” is a collaborative research project conducted by undergraduate students at St. Olaf College, under the direction of Jenna Coughlin, PhD (Visiting Assistant Professor of Norwegian). This project has three main purposes:

  • To introduce young audiences (grades 7-12) to the actions and speeches of Greta Thunberg through an online learning module that can be used in the classroom, for distance learning, or in an independent learning setting.
  • To instruct young learners (grades 7-12) on how to analyze Thunberg’s speeches by paying attention to her rhetorical strategies, as well as how to use her as a model writer whose techniques and skills they can emulate to make their own persuasive writing more effective.
  • To facilitate research on the reception of Greta Thunberg in different countries and language contexts by compiling a comprehensive bibliography of opinion pieces written in response to Thunberg’s speeches and activism. The bibliography will eventually be tagged and searchable by traits such as country of publication, language, subject, political leaning, and so forth.