Jenna Coughlin, PhD

Researcher and Lecturer: Scandinavian Studies & Environmental Humanities

Journal Articles

“‘Our Own Home’: Negotiated Nature in Symra.” Edda, vol. 108, no. 3, 2021, pp. 162–75., Universitetsforlaget AS,

“The Figure of the ‘Climate Refugee’ in Inger Elisabeth Hansen’s Å resirkulere lengselen: avrenning foregår (To recirculate longing: runoff occurs, 2015).” Scandinavian-Canadian Studies, vol. 25, 2018, pp. 68–90.

“Trouble in Paradise: Revising Identity in Two Texts by Thor Heyerdahl.” Scandinavian Studies, vol. 88, no. 3, 2016, pp. 246–69.

Chapters in Edited Volumes

“Recognition and the Child’s Responsibility in and for the Anthropocene: Nordic Folklore in Luke Pearson’s Hildafolk,” Interrogating Folklore and the Literary Fairy-tale in the Anthropocene, Lexington Books, forthcoming.

“Of Wildflowers and Butterflies: Interrogating Species Names in Norwegian Poetry from the National Romantic to the Anthropocene.” Nordic Narratives of Nature and the Environment, eds. Reinhard Hennig, Anna-Karin Jonasson, and Peter Degerman, Lexington Books, 2018, pp. 99–116.

Other Scholarly Publications

“Nordic Studies: Norwegian Literature.” The Year’s Work in Modern Language Studies, vol. 80, no. 1, June 2020, pp. 791–802, doi:10.1163/22224297-08001048.

“Nordic Studies: Norwegian Literature.” The Year’s Work in Modern Language Studies, vol. 79, no. 1, May 2019, pp. 609–17, doi:10.1163/22224297-07901046.

“The ‘Climate Refugee.’” Forfatternesklimaaksjon, 30 November 2019,

“Language and Language Metaphors in the Norwegian Writer’s Climate Campaign §112.” Forfatternesklimaaksjon, 11 June 2016,

Creative Writing and Translation

“Portrait of the Subject, at Rise,” “Portrait of a Seamstress,” “The Reaper,” “Girl over Grasslands,” and “Hymn to Nephthys.” Prairie Schooner 82 (3), 124-128.

“Swim!”, translation of a poem written and performed by Freddy Fjellheim,