Business, Ethics, & Economics in the Practice of Law


 Ethics, Business, and Economics in the Practice of Law is an interdisciplinary major that combines aspects of philosophy, management studies, economics, and law into a comprehensive major with the intent of understanding not only the workings of the legal and business world, but also understand how ethics play an important role within a legal setting. It also explores factors that may discourage ethical decisions to be made in a legal practice as well as other business situations.

Important Questions to Pursue and Answer Through This Major

  1. Does a legal setting encourage or discourage the influence of ethics in business decisions?
  • I want to understand the connection between ethics and business, and how these concepts are carried out and practiced in a legal setting.
    • Specifically, how do legal counsel make decisions, and how much of an influence do personal and company ethics make?
  1. How should a lawyer balance the multiple obligations owed to their client, law firm, and personal moral obligations?
  • Is it morally permissible for a lawyer to drop a case if they do not agree with the issue being contested, or does their obligation as legal counsel override personal moral stances?
  1. Does placing the practice of law in an international context alter moral decision making?
  • Would a practice of law outside of the borders of the United States substantially change the way moral decisions are considered or made?
  • Does the United States culture of work being the most important aspect of one’s life change if placed in an international context?
  1. How do ethics play a role in business decisions, and what effect does corporate culture have on these decisions?
  • You hear more nowadays than ever that corporate business and the practice of law is a cutthroat section of the economy where numbers and profits are valued above anything else. I believe it is very possible for ethics to play a role in business, and I believe they do, even if most people don’t understand how.
  1. How are ethics perceived and implemented in society?
  • What social factors cause us to either implement or disregard ethics when it comes to the practice of business and management
  • These proposed classes contribute to understanding not only in the concepts of business, ethics, and law, but how all three interconnect and are interwoven with each other in more ways than you would perceive.