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The Manitou Messenger is always looking for submissions from students, staff, faculty, alumni and administrators. We accept two types of submissions.

1. Opinions articles: You may submit an opinions article on any topic provided that you adhere our submission policy below. If you’re unsure about your topic, talk with the opinions editors about your idea beforehand. Opinions articles may not exceed 800 words.

2. Letters to the Editor: You may submit a letter to the editor provided that you adhere to our submission policy below. Letters to the Editor must be in direct response to an article, photo or advertisement that appeared previously in the Manitou Messenger or on Letters to the Editor may not exceed 400 words.


Manitou Messenger submission policy


The Manitou Messenger encourages contributions from students, alumni, faculty, staff and administrators. Opinion articles are open to all political, social and philosophical viewpoints and backgrounds. The views expressed in all letters, editorials and articles do not necessarily represent the views of the St. Olaf student body, faculty, administration or Messenger staff members.

The Manitou Messenger reserves the right to edit all submissions for length, style and/or content. All submissions must be signed and must include the writer’s full name and email address. The Messenger will verify the authenticity of all submissions before they are published. Articles and letters submitted by an organization must be signed by an author representing that organization.

Submissions containing offensive language, libelous material or misleading information must be rewritten by the author before publication. The Manitou Messenger reserves the right to refuse to publish anything that violates the St. Olaf student media policy or the mission of the Board of Student Media. Articles or letters based on two-party disputes will not be published.

All articles and letters must be submitted via e-mail to <>. Opinions submissions may not exceed 800 words and letters to the editor may not exceed 400 words. Any submission that exceeds the word limit will not be published until it is edited by the author to meet this specification. Letters must be received by 5 p.m. the Sunday preceding the publication date.

The Manitou Messenger does not endorse the content of its advertisements. Opinions expressed in advertisements are exclusive to the advertiser and do not represent the views of the newspaper or its staff. The Editorial Board of the Messenger reserves the right to review the content of advertisements prior to printing or to refuse publication.

All content and editorial decisions of the Manitou Messenger remain in the hands of students.

 If you wish to contact us you may reach us at our office in Buntrock Commons, room 110. You may also call our office at 507-786-3612. All staff members are available via email at the addresses listed above.

The Manitou Messenger is a student publication of St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minn. It is published weekly during the academic year except during vacations, exam periods and interim. The cost for one year’s subscription is $75. Postage is paid in Northfield, Minnesota.