Aaron Carlson

Norwegian-American (and Other) Lutherans in the United States

Norlie provides a map of Norwegian population in the United States and Canada.  It shows that Norwegian immigrants settled  across the continent, but most heavily in the upper Midwest.  We have not attempted to replicate this scale.  We have linked to sites that allow further investigation of contemporary American Lutheranism (of various sorts) on a national scale.

The second map displays the number of Norwegian-American congregations in each county that joined the Norwegian-American Lutheran Church in America in 1917.  While this leaves out some congregations, nonetheless, this map makes clear that congregations were formed only where there was a concentration of Norwegians.

The third map shows that descendants of Norwegian immigrants, like their ancestors, are distributed across the nation, but still concentrated in the areas of early settlement.


The ARDA site provides a wealth of information about religious groups and allows the user to display that information in maps.



ELCA web-site provides an interactive map that locates congregations, institutions, and other ministries, both in the United States and around the world.


Norlie's map of Norwegian Population in United States and Canada.
Congregations in each county that joined the Norwegian Lutheran Church in America, 1917.
Americans who claim Norwegian ancestry. Based on 2000 Census Data. Constructed by