Lutheran Historical Conference

The Lutheran Historical Conference is an organization of Lutheran archivists, librarians, and historians.

It  fosters effective cooperation among persons and institutions concerned with research, documentation and preservation of the resources revealing experiences of Lutheranism in North America, specifically:

  • to coordinate the archival, microfilm and historical activities of the Lutheran church bodies in North America;
  • to foster the utilization of modern technologies in the accomplishment of germane tasks;
  • to stimulate future efforts and to seek to avoid duplication of effort;
  • to provide a channel for communication and cooperation among Lutheran archivists, librarians and historians;
  • to encourage research and production of scholarly works dealing with the history of Lutheranism in North America.

The Conference holds biennial meetings and publishes an annual, The Journal of the Lutheran Historical Conference, which is indexed by the ATLA.

The Lutheran Historical Conference launched its Registry of Historic Places in October 2014.  

The first twelve places were presented here by St. Olaf College students enrolled in Religion 213: Lutheran Heritage (January 2015), but have now been removed.