Examples of Other Studies of Norwegian-American Lutheran Congregations


Other scholars of American religion, Lutheranism, and Norwegian-Americans  have employed a case study approach, focusing on local congregations and illuminating larger issues.  Here are some examples that treat Norwegian-American Lutheran congregations in Minnesota.



Our Saviour’s, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Todd W. Nichol, “Temples Made With Hands: A Norwegian-American Lutheran Congregation and Its Houses of Worship.” Lutheran Quarterly. Vol. XI (1997), pp. 423-462.


Urland Lutheran Church.

Urland Lutheran, Goodhue County, Minnesota

Lloyd Hustvedt. “Vignettes from a Norwegian-Lutheran Congregation: Urland Lutheran Church.” in Todd W. Nichol editor, Crossings: Norweigian-American Lutheranism as Transatlantic Tradition. Norwegian-American Historical Association, 2003.  161-178


 Crow Lake, Kandioyhi County, Minnesota

Jon Gjerde. “Conflict and Community: A Case Study of the Immigrant Church in the United States [Crow River, Minnesota].” Journal of Social History, 681-97.