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From a green environment to a green vocation

I was born in a village situated close to the mountains, in Western Ukraine. Since I was a kid, as my grandmother likes to reminisce, I have always enjoyed taking care of the nature around me. I loved to see the processes of transformation from a larva to the colorful butterfly and the life cycle of dandelions. Growing up, I helped my grandmother in the garden and in the field, learning how to harvest fruits and vegetables. I was taught to appreciate my surroundings and what was offered to me. 

In college, my education and experience led me to understand that my upbringing helped me in the realization of who I want to become. While in the beginning of my St Olaf career I could not picture what my vocation could look like, this past year has shown me what I am capable off. Additionally, I have realized what I am really thrilled of doing and what I want to be my purpose. 

This website is a collection of my work, my experience, and my passion. While you immerse yourself in these pages, I would like for you to try to imagine the little girl in the picture being there with each click you direct on this page. I hope you feel my passion through. 



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