CIS PORTFOLIO: Tetyana Samiliv

Welcome to my Web Portfolio!

My name is Tetyana Samiliv and my major is Sustainable Management. Explore my journey in the creation of my career with a few simple clicks!


Why this Major?

According to IPCC, if we don’t reduce emissions in the next 12 years, we won’t have chance of recovery. The emerging of “environmental entrepreneurship” has brought a new dimension for ventures and a drive for changes in consumer behavior. There are already big groups, like the Green Belt Movement, and grassroot organizations that work on climate issues, as well as for profit businesses that focus on nature, environmental technology, and environmentally friendly products. They do not only shift the gear in production and value-system of entrepreneurs, but give examples of different solutions to our current problem. This major is a compilation of theories, responses, and practices, that will create a holistic approach to prevent climate change from worsening and will transform theories into action and content. It will include organization and practicality of management courses, the theories, and outcomes of the environmental courses, and the behavioral responses from philosophy, anthropology and psychology. This major is a call for action that needs to happen now and by the hands of everyone.

Senior Project

Senior Project is an essential part of the individual major. I am working on a year-long project in order to demonstrate how all the work I have done so far ties together. My project will attempt to make the information I have learned at St. Olaf more accessible to those who have a gap in information availability.