Complementary Works

This section includes all the additional work I have done in these four years that are relevant to my major. Click on each section to see the papers and reports I worked on!

Food Insecurity

This research paper analyses the area of North Minneapolis and the root causes toits food insecurity. Besides bringing a historical perspective, I had the chance to talk to those who are on the forefront of the battle for justice and dignity for those who live food insecure. It also highlights the system injustices that brought to this reality in major cities in the US.

Procedural Change

As a consequence of the food security research, I proposed a procedural change for the policy-making structure. I researched the usual business for the creation of a policy and made some proposed changes to it. The proposals were made on  the basis of restorative principles, with consideration of communities that are affected by the decision made in the higher departments. 

Race and Place

This paper examines the correlation of green spaces and crime rates and the reasons of the shifts happened to the neighborhood landscape. Focusing on two neighborhoods,  the paper explores the systematic reasons for the lack of green spaces in Black neighborhoods in Chicago, as well as highlighting some of the organizations that help empower the youth by reconnecting them to nature.

Globalization and Chicago Industry

Thanks to the development of the railroad, Chicago became one of the major industrialized cities. In this paper, I analyze how the onset of globalization created Chicago as well as how Chicago has contributed to globalization itself. The analysis goes way back to the fur trade and progresses into the present global trade.

Internship with Yorth Group

I am currently partaking one of the most challenging and educational experiences of my life. Being part of the team at Yorth Group, I am working on the innovative circular economic models, which will hopefully become the new normal in city developments. I am happy to become part of their team officially after graduation!


Internship with Friends of the Parks

Through the ACM Chicago program, I worked with the Office Manager on planning, organizing, and executing the Earth Day 2018 event, which took place in over 100 parks in Chicago. I am very grateful for the experience and the work I was able to see happening all around the city. 


In the summer of 2019, I was lucky to part of Sian Christie’s CURI project. We explored the question of entrepreneurial skills and how those can enhance experiential education, especially study abroad, by infusing the most important skills into the learning processes. You can see my poster by clicking on this box!

3 Pillars of Policymaking

When working on policy, there are some steps that are omitted or ignored. During the time at my internship with Yorth Group, I created a short argument for the three main pillars of policymaking: Infrastructure, Culture, and Governance.

Hometown Regulation

This report contains an analysis of the Ferriera, an inductrial complex specialized in cast iron production. The report focuses on the health effects that the complex cause to the population in the distance of one mile radius. This is a good example of the clash between industry and citizen heath. 

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