Asia and the Environment

With the assistance of a major grant from the Henry Luce Foundation, the St. Olaf community explored the connections between Asia and the environment over a four year period, 2014-2018, followed by a two year extension through 2020. The funding allowed for faculty to develop curriculum and courses, for students to study an Asian language and then spend time in Asia working in environmentally-based internships or studying environmental issues in Asia, and and for the campus to learn from speakers and forums on Asia and its environment.

Grant Goals

 To encourage faculty to develop teaching and/or research interests in areas that create a better understanding of issues related to the environment and Asia.

To train the next generation of scholars and practitioners by combining up-to-date scientific information and experience with a deeper level of political understanding, cultural awareness, and linguistic fluency focused on the environment and Asia.

To build awareness among the total campus populace that Asia is the source of emerging, innovative solutions to environmental issues, not just a source of environmental problems.

To deepen existing institutional collaborations between St. Olaf and our partner institutions in China and Japan.