April 24th – 28th 2017

Monday, April 24th

MSCS Colloquium: Bayesian Models for Analysis of Airborne Chemical Exposures During the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Response and Clean-up Efforts
Carrie Groth ’12, St. Olaf Graduate, Ph.D. Candidate,
University of Minnesota Division of Biostatistics
3:30 pm, RNS 310, Everyone Welcome

Tuesday, April 25th

No Seminar

Wednesday, April 26th

Physics Colloquium
Graduate School Panel
7:00 pm RNS 297

Thursday, April 27th

Math-Biology (Pre-Health) Seminar

Evolutionary Dynamics of Cancer
Jasmine Foo – University of Minnesota
7:00 pm, RNS 410

Friday, April 28th

Olaf W. Millert and Juta R. Millert Memorial Speaker Series in Psychology Talk
Ambivalent Stereotyping and its association with status inequality and conflict
Dr. Susan Fiske, Princeton University
3:30 pm, TOH 280

MSCS Research Seminar: The origins of differential geometry and some modern applications
Joe Benson, St. Olaf Visiting Professor of Mathematics
3:40 pm, RNS 204

Chemistry Seminar: Distinctions
Hannah Brown
3:15 pm RNS 310