May 7-11, 2018

Monday, May 7

MSCS Colloquium: Using Statistics to Identify Neurons
Ashley Petersen ’11, Assistant Professor Biostatistics, U of MN
3:30 pm, RNS 310

Biology Seminar: Neurobiology of Acoustic Communication in Crickets
Dr. Berthold Hedwig, Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge
4:00, RNS 410

Tuesday, May 8

COWS (Conversations on the Wonders of Science): Destroying the Dark Side: The physiological consequences of living in a world without night
Jay Demas, Associate Professor of Biology and Physics, St Olaf
6:00 PM, Hideaway Cafe, Downtown Northfield

Wednesday, May 9

Physics Colloquium
 Acoustic Propulsion: It’s Not Rocket Science

Speaker: Emma Dawson ’18, St. Olaf College Physics Major
2:00 pm RNS 210

Thursday, May 10

No Events

Friday, May 11

Increasing Diversity & Excellence Across STEM (IDEAS) Distinguished Speaker Series: Things I wish someone had told me
Tepper L. Gill, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Howard University
Reception: 3:15 pm   Talk: 3:30 pm    RNS 310

Mathematical Biology Seminar: Mathematical Approaches to Understanding Origin, Evolution, and Maintenance in Species
Yaniv Brandvain, Assistant Professor of Biology, University of Minnesota
Poster Session: 2:00 pm   Talk: 3:00 pm    RNS 410