April 23-27, 2018

Monday, April 23

No Events

Tuesday, April 24

Jessica Utts, Professor, University of California, Irvine
Student Lecture: Understanding p-Values and the Controversy Surrounding Them
Reception: 3 pm, Talk: 3:30 pm, RNS 410
Public Lecture: How Basic Statistical Literacy Can Save You Money, and Maybe Even Save Your Life!
Talk: 7 pm, Reception to follow, Carleton College Weitz Cinema

Wednesday, April 25

Seminar: Physics Colloquium
Emergent phenomena: from starlings to spin liquids

Speaker: Rebecca Flint Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Physics, Iowa State University
2:00 pm RNS 210

Chemistry Distinction Seminar: Instantaneous Determination of Temperature in High-Speed Gas Flows Using Structured Imaging and Two-Line Thermometry
Caroline Loe ’18
7:00 pm, RNS 310

Thursday, April 26

No Events

Friday, April 27

Chemistry Seminar: Ultrafast and Nanoscale Raman Spectroscopic ProbesĀ of Solar Cells and Cellular Membranes
Renee R. Frontiera, Ph.D.
3:15 pm, RNS 310