Dec. 4-8, 2017

Monday, December 4

Psychology Candidate – Exploring the Differences between Religious, Moral and Spiritual Identities on Judgment and Behavioral Outcomes
Dr. Amanda Elbassiouny, Spring Hill College

3:30 pm, RNS 210

MSCS Colloquium – The Computer Science Senior Capstone Seminar
CS 390 is an undergraduate research course. This semester’s Capstone features three innovative team research projects:

Cell Phones in the Theater: What if you came to a theater show that asked you to keep your cell phone on, and use it, rather than turn it off?
Deandre Bauswell, David Ellenberger, and Elija Verdoom will demo a system that supports cell phone interaction with appropriate shows, developed for Prof. Todd Edwards. Special guest appearance by a collaborating HiPerCiC team.

Expanding to the Cloud
Josh Becker, Jesus Caballero, Andrew Lee, and Scott Nesbit are creating ways to deploy and manage Beowulf clusters and other distributed systems that can include both remote and local computers, using cutting-edge Kubernetes technology.

Exploring the Fourth Dimension: What does a 4D cube look like?
Justin Pacholec, Tian Tian Pang, Joe Peterson, and Omar Shehata will demo a web app to help us visualize and analyze 4D geometric shapes, developed for Prof. Paul Humke.

3:30 pm, RNS 310

Tuesday, December 5

Psychology CandidateCulture, The Self and Cognition
Dr. Amanda Elbassiouny, Spring Hill College

3:30 pm, RNS 310

Wednesday, December 6

Psychology Candidate: Biological Essentialism & Conflict:
How Learning About Your Genetic Roots Can Impact Intergroup Relations
Dr. Sasha Kimel, Harvard University

4:00pm, RNS 290

Thursday, December 7

Psychology Candidate: When Cultures Collide: The Psychology of Intercultural Conflict
Dr. Sasha Kimel, Harvard University

4:00pm, RNS 290

Friday, December 8

Chemistry Distinction Seminar – Wintertime Carbon Cycling Along the Oregon Coast
Laura Moore

Chemistry Distinction Seminar – Analyzing Therapeutic Response in Glioblastoma with Silicon Photonic Microring Resonator Arrays
Gretchen Burke

3:15 pm, RNS 310