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Feb 27th- March 3rd 2017

Feb 27th – March 3rd , 2017


Monday, Feb. 27th

Biology Seminar: Learn more about two of our Interim courses – Peru and Morocco! RNS 410 4:00 PM 

Tuesday, Feb. 28th

No Seminar

Wednesday, March 1st

No Seminar

Thursday, March 2nd

Math Across the Cannon Speaker Series
Ken Ono, Mathematics Professor, Emory University
Can’t you Just Feel the Moonshine?
3:30 pm, Carleton College, Olin Hall 141

Friday, March 3rd

Gems of Ramanujan and Their Lasting Impact on Mathematics
Public Lecture, 7 pm, St. Olaf Viking Theater
Friday, March 3rd

Chemistry Seminar: Chemical and Biomedical Applications of Oxidants and Antioxidants
Brooks Hybertson, MBA, Ph.D. Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine
3:15 pm, RNS 310

Feb 20-26 2017

Monday, Feb. 20th

Seminar: Bio/ES Joint Seminar: If you plant it will it grow?

RNS 410, 4:00 PM

MSCS Colloquium Talk
“Network science: understanding the interconnected world around us”
Mathematics Candidate
3:30 pm, RNS 310

Tuesday, Feb. 21st

MSCS Research Talk
“A complex networks approach to data science: modeling, representation and analysis of interconnected large-scale data structures”
Mathematics Candidate
2:00 pm, RNS 204

Wednesday, Feb. 22nd

MSCS Colloquium Talk
Dynamic Programming: So You Wanna be a Rock and Roll Star?
Computer Science Candidate
3:30 pm, RNS 310

Thursday, Feb. 23rd

MSCS Research Talk
Computation and Simulation in DNA Algorithmic Self-assembly
Computer Science Candidate
3:00 pm, RNS 203

Friday, Feb. 24th

Chemistry Seminar: Physical Chemistry
Rodrigo Sanchez-Gonzalez, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
At Carleton College


Special BMols Seminar: RNS 410, 7:00 PM

Kjersti Aagaard, M.D., Ph.D

Associate Professor in Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Baylor College of Medicine (Houston, TX)

Feb 6-10 2017

Monday, Feb. 6th

Biology Seminar: Biology Summer Research Opportunities

4:00 PM RNS 410 – snacks provided

Tuesday, Feb. 7th

No Seminar

Wednesday, Feb. 8th

Physics Colloquium
Nanoscience Research at the University of Minnesota
James Marti, Ph.D., Senior Scientist and Outreach Coordinator, Minnesota Nano Center, University of Minnesota
2:00 pm, RNS 210

MSCS Colloquium: Modeling and Simulation of Biochemical Systems
Computer Science Candidate Brian Drawert, Post-doctoral Researcher
Department of Computer Science, University of California Santa Barbara
3:30 pm, RNS 310, Everyone Welcome

Thursday, Feb. 9th

MSCS Research Talk: Modeling the Yeast Mating Projection Polarization and Growth using Stochastic 3D Moving Boundary Simulations
Computer Science Candidate Brian Drawert, Post-doctoral Researcher
Department of Computer Science, University of California Santa Barbara
3:00 pm, RNS 203, Everyone Welcome

Friday, Feb. 10th

Chemistry Seminar: Food Science
Tonya Schoenfuss, Associate Professor, Dairy Products Technology, University of Minnesota
3:15, RNS 310