Feb 27th- March 3rd 2017

Feb 27th – March 3rd , 2017


Monday, Feb. 27th

Biology Seminar: Learn more about two of our Interim courses – Peru and Morocco! RNS 410 4:00 PM 

Tuesday, Feb. 28th

No Seminar

Wednesday, March 1st

No Seminar

Thursday, March 2nd

Math Across the Cannon Speaker Series
Ken Ono, Mathematics Professor, Emory University
Can’t you Just Feel the Moonshine?
3:30 pm, Carleton College, Olin Hall 141

Friday, March 3rd

Gems of Ramanujan and Their Lasting Impact on Mathematics
Public Lecture, 7 pm, St. Olaf Viking Theater
Friday, March 3rd

Chemistry Seminar: Chemical and Biomedical Applications of Oxidants and Antioxidants
Brooks Hybertson, MBA, Ph.D. Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine
3:15 pm, RNS 310