Nov 28- Dec 2, 2016

Monday, Nov 28

Physics Seminar 

Snow physics and its reflection on a changing climate
3:15 pm; RNS 290

Biology Seminar – RNS 410 4:00 PM with Alum Meghan Milbrath ’02


Tuesday, Nov 29

Biology Seminar:
RNS 410, 4:00 PM with Dr. Norman Lee


Wednesday, Nov 30

No Seminar

Thursday, Dec 1

No Seminar

Friday, Dec 2

MSCS Research Seminar: Automorphisms of Group Extensions
group extension is way of expressing a group G in terms of a normal subgroup N and the corresponding quotient G/N. An automorphism of a group extension is a particular kind of isomorphism G->G.  In this talk, I will show how to use information about N and G/N to build automorphisms of a group extension. Expanding a bit further, I will also talk about trying to recover all automorphisms of G by piecing together information coming from different group extensions.
Jill Dietz, Professor of Mathematics, St. Olaf College
Friday, December 2nd at 3:40 pm in RNS 204