April 11 – 15, 2016

Monday, April 11

Physics Colloquium:  Magnetism and Mu dynamics in Vanadium Dioxide compounds and other current research interests
Speaker: Patrick (Rick) Mengyan, Instructor & Post Doc. Research Associate in Physics at Texas Tech University
3:00 pm, RNS 290

MSCS Research Seminar: Russian Troika Dolls:  A Story of Demazure Module Filtrations
Peri Shereen, a visiting assistant professor from Carleton College
A composition series of vector spaces is a chain of subspaces such that each successive quotient space has no nontrivial subspaces.  A similar definition also exists for groups.  In both cases, knowing the composition series gives us some structural information of the largest space or group.  For example, the composition series of a finite abelian group is directly related to its decomposition.  We will discuss a similar notion for modules of a Lie algebra.  In particular we will study a filtration  (a chain of submodules) where the successive quotients share a common property.  Learning about the explicit filtrations admitted will give us important structural information about the largest module.

3:15 Cookies and Conversation, 3pm Talk, RNS 310

Tuesday, April 12

What: Informal Conversation about Pathways and Possibilities in Science Education
Where: RNS 356B
When: 11:30-12:15. Drop in any time.

Are you planning to major in science? Do you enjoy spending time with youth? You can probably think of a teacher you’ve had who made a difference; have you ever thought you might be interested in teaching others?
If so, it’s a good time to start thinking about opportunities in science education. At St. Olaf, you can become a licensed middle or high school science teacher. Besides being a fulfilling job, science teachers are in demand. While there are many paths to becoming a science teacher, there are some big advantages to the licensure program at St. Olaf. Additionally, many other career paths involve some component of science education.
If you’d like to talk about what it’s like to be a science teacher and about possibilities and pathways to a teaching license, please drop in for an informal conversation with Carolyn Ocampo, visiting master teacher in Chemistry, and Emily Mohl, assistant professor in biology and education.
Questions? Contact Emily Mohl, mohl@stolaf.edu, RNS 432.

Wednesday, April 13

No Seminars

Thursday, April 14

Seminar: Neurologist and Sleep Medicine Specialist
Dr. Erik St. Louis, Associate Professor of Neurology, Mayo Clinic
Dr. Erik St Louis is a neurologist who specializes in sleep medicine. He currently works at Mayo Clinic and wants to share a bit about his research, clinical experience, and career. Please join us if you are interested in medicine, neurology, psychology, sleep medicine, OR if you just love to sleep!
6:00 p.m., Buntrock 142

Friday, April 15

No Seminars