March 9-13

Monday, March 9

Seminar: Experience and sensory input interact to affect mating behavior in female rats
Professor Sarah Meertz, Carlton College, Assistant Professor of Psychology
4:00 PM RNS 410

The study of naturally rewarding behaviors, such as mating, can inform our understanding of the neural circuits underlying motivation and reward.  However, the specific sensory inputs and the role of sexual experience on the display of mating behavior in female rats is not well understood. This talk discusses experiments that explored the effect of disrupting sensory transmission, repeated sexual experience, and the combination of experience and sensory disruption on the display of mating behavior in female rats. Together, these studies suggest that the sensory input during repeated mating encounters affects the pattern of paced mating behavior that develops with sexual experience.

Speaker:DavidBanks, Professor of the Practice of Statistics at Duke University.  He specializes in data and text mining, Bayesian risk analysis, and public policy.  He also serves on the Human Rights Data Analysis Group.

MSCS Colloquium: Mining Text Networks
David Banks, Professor of the Practice of Statistics at Duke University
Many applications (the Internet, Wikipedia) concern networks of documents. We mine the corpus that consists of all U.S. political blog posts in 2012. The intent is to use recent advances in dynamic network modeling to improve the topic discovery, and recent research on text mining to improve the network modeling. We describe a preliminary analysis based on the subset of blog posts that concern the shooting of Trayvon Martin, and then a full analysis of the entire corpus, at a lower level of resolution.
3:30p.m., RNS 310

Tuesday, March 10

No Seminar:

Wednesday, March 11

No Seminar:

Thursday, March 12

NO Seminar 

Friday, March 13

Chemistry Seminar: No More Nucleophiles: Direct, Selective Cross Coupling of Electrophiles
Daniel J. Weix, Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of Rochester
3:00 p.m. refreshments, 3:15 seminar will begin in Time, Room

MSCS Pi Day!
In celebration of Pi Day (which is officially on March 14), Pi Mu Epsilon will be providing pies during community time and will last until the π runs out!
10:10am, RMS Cliff Lounge