Feb 16-20

Monday, February 16

Seminar: Biology in South India

Detecting leprosy, observing chital, finding coliforms, spotting a tiger, combating anemia, diabetes, and much much more…

Presented by: Angela Amoako, Eva Carlson, Tiffany Eisenbach, Lisa Koetke, Dylan Leonard, Charles Ligget, Kristen Rudberg, Ruth Wittington.

Monday February 16th
4pm in RNS 410
cookies at 3:45

Every Fall term, students from St. Olaf travel to South India to explore aspects of environmental and human health through lectures, excursions, and especially two significant research projects with local organizations active in these areas. Highlights of this semester will be presented including some of these challenging applied research projects and their outcomes. The photographs will transport us to India and its vast cultural and biodiversity.

Interested in the Program ? Please come and hear first-hand from the students. Further information provided by Anne Walter and Mike Swift, Program Advisors after the seminar.

Tuesday, February 17

No Seminar:

Wednesday, February 18

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Thursday, February 19

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Friday, February 20

Chemistry Seminar:  National Labs and Nanoscience: My rebellious year
Emily Rabe ’14

“So do you want to do industry or academia?” Starting out as a chemistry major, I thought those were my only options, until I heard about the mystical third choice of national labs. Deciding to be a bit of a rebel, I pursued that hidden third option at Argonne National Laboratory and found it to be an interesting mix of industry and academia. Continuing my rebellious streak, I abandoned the traditional branches of chemistry and joined an interdisciplinary group focusing on nanoscience for energy applications. My projects range from magnetic nanotube production and characterization to surface treatment of silica nanoparticles. I take part in the whole process: synthesis, characterization, and materials testing. I see a lot of different fields and work with a lot of different people, but remained convinced that chemists are awesome, and everybody benefits when we’re around.
3:00 p.m. refreshments and 3:15 p.m. seminar will begin  RNS 310