Dec 1-5

Monday, December 1

Chemistry Seminar
3:00 refreshments, 3:15 seminar will begin
RNS 390

MSCS Colloquium: CaMP
Olaf Hall-Holt Associate Professor, St. Olaf College; Eileen King, ’13; Stephen Akers, ’17
What do the Google search algorithm, Lego robots, and real-life role models have in common?  All have been part of a middle school camp here in Northfield that provides younger students with exposure to topics in mathematics and computing.  In this colloquium, everyone will get a chance to learn about the PageRank algorithm (which involves simple probability and graphs), consider paths that can lead to MSCS majors, and interact hands-on with robots! Accessible to all students.
3:30 p.m., RNS 310

Biology Seminar
Biology Department Faculty Candidate
Understanding the Role of Neurovascular Dysfunction in Cognitive Impairment and Dementia
4:00 p.m., RNS 410

Tuesday, December 2

No Seminar

Wednesday, December 3

Physics Colloquium  
Eric Hazlett, Professor of Physics, Carleton College
What’s Colder Than Cold?  
Dr. Hazlett will explain how lasers are used to take atoms at temperatures greater than 500 Kelvin, down to within billionths of a degree from absolute zero!  He will also describe the research he has done to characterize quantum interactions shifts that will allow for more precise atomic clocks, the simulation of condensed matter systems, and the prospects for trapping atoms in a hollow laser beam.
2:00 p.m., RNS 210

Thursday, December 4

No Seminar

Friday, December 5

No Seminar