Agent – Any actionable character in a video game. This could be other players or non-playable characters.

Aggression – Any form of intentional, active confrontation between a player and an in-game agent.

Conflict – The act of characters or players working to obtain something. The “something” could be an item, greater skills, societal status, or something else entirely. 

Pacifism – A nonviolent ideology. The most popular branch of pacifism refers to those that are anti-war, while other branches advocate for war in “just” times, or are against violence in all circumstances.

Semiotic domains – Associations between concepts that communicate meanings distinct to that domain. Everything exists within a semiotic domain. There’s a semiotic domain for math, golf, television, religion, and video games, since all have unique definitions and understandings of specific words.

Verb – In the context of games, verbs are the actions coded into the game that players can do. Common verbs in games include shooting, jumping, and walking.

Violence – Behavior that inflicts physical harm upon another person or animal  


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