Request EMT Coverage

Requesting EMTs for current injury or illness:

EMTs are on call 4pm-7am on weekdays and 24 hours on weekends. EMT coverage includes anywhere on campus as well as the St. Olaf honor houses.

To request current EMT coverage, please call Public Safety at 507-786-3666.

Requesting EMTs for club sports or events:

To request an EMT for your club event, you must submit your request through this link by the 19th of the month before your event [if you want an EMT on September 3rd, you must fill out the request form by August 19th, if you want an EMT on May 31st, you still must fill out the request form by April 19th]. Once our scheduling coordinator contacts you regarding EMT availability, we will arrange a meeting between your club representative and one of our executive members to go over the Agreement Form, as well as discuss monetary reimbursement for EMT coverage. 

Please print out the Agreement Form beforehand and bring it to the meeting. If you have any questions about the EMT coverage request process, please email Salah Abdulkarim at

Due to a limited number of volunteer student EMTs, supplies, etc. we cannot guarantee late requests for coverage

Agreement Form


  • Q: “Why do I have to fill out the request form by September 19th if my event is October 31st?”
    • A: The St. Olaf EMT Service does their scheduling by the month. The scheduling poll is sent to the SOEMTs on the 20th of every month. When scheduling, all student EMTs are given the option to mark days they prefer to work and days they cannot work. To ensure that your event is on this scheduling poll, we must have the information by the 19th of the month prior to the event. The SOEMTs are then given their schedules for the entire month.
  • Q: “If my event was scheduled last minute, can I still request SOEMT coverage?”
    • A: We do take late requests for coverage, but we cannot guarantee coverage. The scheduling coordinator will send your request to the entire SOEMT service and ask if anyone is willing to work the event. However, since our scheduling is done in advance, we cannot force any SOEMT member the event on short notice.
  • Q: “My friend is an EMT, can I ask them to work an event?”
    • A: Yes! Your friend can work your event. However, you still MUST go through the scheduling request system. The system ensures we have the correct number of medical bags, radios, and SOEMT members to staff all of the events we’re working alongside the entire campus.
  • Q: “If I can’t get an EMT to work my event, what do I do?”
    • A: SOEMTs are on duty from 4pm-7am on weekdays and 24 hours a day on weekends. If any injury or illness arises at your event, please call Public Safety at 507-786-3666 and SOEMTs will arrive on scene in 10 minutes or less.
  • Q: “My event is off-campus, can I request SOEMTs to cover this event?”
    • A: No, SOEMTs are only available to cover on-campus events. Please be mindful of this when requesting EMT coverage.
  • Q: “Who can I contact with my scheduling related questions or concerns?”