Report Concerns

The St. Olaf EMT service is committed to ensuring that our patients feel safe and respected during every emergency medical response. If you have ever felt uncomfortable during a medical crisis, please help us prevent future incidents by completing this form with as much detail as you are comfortable providing. If you are willing to provide the date of the interaction, this would help us to provide more specified response according to the persons involved.

If you would like to meet with a member of the EMT executive team, please include this request in your response (as well as a way to contact you).

This form is not limited to patients; we welcome feedback from bystanders at calls or anyone else who has a complaint concerning medical calls. If you were not a patient, but witnessed a call that you would like to report, please use your best discretion in what details you provide in order to respect the privacy of the patient.

Please note that this is an ANONYMOUS form. Submissions will be viewed by members of the current executive board of the SOEMT club and discussed with the club as a whole for quality improvement purposes. If you have questions or concerns about the form itself, please feel free to submit them here and we will do our best to address them.

To report any concerns about a call, please use this anonymous feedback form.

Stay safe!