First, what is health insurance and why do you need it?

US Health insurance can be extremely confusing even for US citizens! Unlike many other countries, the US does not have a universal health care system that is paid by the government. All medical procedures are paid either by you out-of-pocket or by your insurance company. St Olaf requires all students to have health insurance coverage. This requirement is in place for the protection of the students.

Incoming international students will be automatically enrolled in the St. Olaf international student health insurance plan. The Plan coverage dates are August 15, 2020, through August 14, 2021. The Plan cost is $1,600 billed to your student account. The international student insurance policy is offered through EIIA.  Visit their website for details.

New incoming international students for the 2020-2021 and international students who matriculated in the 2019-2020 school year will not be able to waive the health insurance and will be automatically billed and enrolled in the international student health insurance plan. We would encourage an international student with a medical condition where they often see a doctor or regularly take medication, to consider the domestic/international plan which has a higher cost ($2,200) but better frequent user coverage.

Before leaving home, we recommend you visit your doctor, go to the dentist and go to the oculist. Fun fact, if you wear lenses, you will need to bring your prescription translated into English with you – you cannot get contacts here without a prescription! Don’t forget to bring all your papers with you if you have a medical condition or treatment so that in case you will need medical attention here you will have papers that can help your doctor! Also, if you have any prescribed medicine, bring a couple of months worth of supply with you and all necessary records with it!

Finally, immunizations. The college has sent you the lists of required records for your immunizations. Do not forget about those and bring your records with you! [yeah, yeah, repeating myself, I know :D] Don’t be scared and email the health office if you have any questions!