Hey International Oles!!


Arriving in the United States can often be scary. The prospect of being in a new country, with new customs, and for some, a completely different language, can be overwhelming, even if you have been away from home before. Luckily, at St. Olaf, as international students, we are never alone. St Olaf has an international student body with more than 300 international students from more than 75 nations around the world! Check out the table below to see how diverse the St Olaf International Student body is, and if you ever feel you are alone in your experience at St Olaf, come back to this post and remind yourself of the community that surrounds you. International students stick together, and we always have each other’s back!


Albania Lebanon     
Armenia Lesotho
Australia Lithuania
Bangladesh Malaysia
Belarus Maldives
Belize Mauritius
Bermuda Mexico
Bolivia Moldova
Bosnia and Herzegovina Morocco
Botswana Myanmar
Brazil Nepal
Bulgaria Netherlands
Cambodia New Zealand
Cameroon Nicaragua
Canada Nigeria
China Norway
Colombia Pakistan
Costa Rica Paraguay
Croatia Philippines
Czech Republic Poland
Ecuador Portugal
Egypt Russia
El Salvador Rwanda
Estonia Serbia
Ethiopia Sierra Leone
Finland Somalia
France South Africa
Georgia South Korea
Germany South Sudan
Greece Sudan
Guatemala Swaziland
Guyana Switzerland
Hong Kong Syria
Hungary Taiwan
India Tajikistan
Indonesia Tanzania
Iran Thailand
Iraq Timor-Leste
Israel Trinidad and Tobago
Italy Tunisia
Jamaica Turkey
Japan Uganda
Jordan Ukraine
Kazakhstan United Kingdom
Kenya Uzbekistan
Laos Vietnam
  West Bank (Palestine)