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Description: The Membership subcommittee provides continued outreach to St. Olaf College students, staff, and faculty about the Task Force to Confront Structural Racism (TFCSR). We maintain the Task Force’s membership, add members to the TFCSR listserv, answer questions, and provide information regarding the task force and help people transition to their subcommittee of interest. The Membership subcommittee also works with the point people of each subcommittee to ensure students are welcomed and engaged as full participants. We are a resource for members who do not feel heard in their subcommittees, or who need a space to address issues they are having in their subcommittees or the task force as a whole.


     Co-Chairs: Elizabeth Jensen, Olivia Snover, and Lucy Moe

     Member: Melissa Melgar

Structure: We meet on the second Tues. of the month from 3-4pm. We have a rotating facilitation role among members, where each member takes turns facilitating meetings and then serves as note taker for the next meeting. All roles and positions outside of the subcommittee are acknowledged, but we work to make them irrelevant to the work of the subcommittee.  We currently have 1 faculty, 1 staff, and 1 student serving as co-chairs, and we have 1 additional member.  We are looking for more members to join.


  • Recruit students, staff, and faculty to participate as full members of the task force
  • Assist members in feeling comfortable participating in and contributing to the TFCSR and subcommittees
  • Answer questions regarding the work of the subcommittees
  • Facilitate the onboarding process for whichever subcommittees members wants to join

Current Activities: Facilitate the onboarding of students, staff, and faculty to subcommittees of the task force. Development of a recruitment plan to shy away from emails and focus on personal connections and building relationships in various areas of the college, to assist in getting the word out.

Future Plans: Increasing engagement of students, staff and faculty in our efforts

Measures of Success: Greater participation on the TFCSR. Students feeling welcomed in the work that the task force is completing and feeling like full participants.

Ways that you can get involved: Students, staff, or faculty interested in getting involved in TFCSR may email to contact us or complete the Membership Inquiry Form.