Staff Concerns 


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Description: This subcommittee represents concerns and action items specifically related to the staff on campus in regards to the work of the Task Force to Confront Structural Racism.  While it has this focus, the subcommittee aspires to include faculty and staff as well. 

Members from across the campus (by division)

Academic: Alyssa Melby (Co-Chair), Theresa Heath, Sara Dale, Audrey Gunn, Hawken Rives, Tory Borovsky, Janis Johnson, Ann Schaenzer
Advancement Division: Jane Nordhorn, Shannon Brick
Enrollment & College Relations: Amanda Robbins-Butcher (Co-Chair), Dave Wagner Steve Fenster, Shannon Cron, Katie Payne, Ben Pelegano
Mission: Kelsey Thompson, Katie Fick
Student Life:Steve Romenesko  

Structure: We meet bi-weekly via Google Meet. Currently, the two sub-committee chairs are leading facilitation to ensure continuity. For now, all members are staff and vary in position and hourly vs. salaried appointments. All voices and experiences are invited and affirmed within the subcommittee. 

Goals: We hope to serve as a voice for staff at Task Force meetings as well as bring a staff perspective on how to serve the college in our whole Task Force efforts.We set out to facilitate a focus on what staff specifically can do within our offices and other spaces on campus to further anti-racism efforts, identify actionable change, and support the dismantling of  structural racism on campus.  

Current Activities: We have been working on researching human resources sites at other comparable colleges and universities to review how Diversity, Equity and Inclusion practices and communications are being shared. As staff represent a large section of the College but do not have a direct role in governance or tenure processes, the subcommittee has focused on identifying potential efforts to support BIPOC staff specifically and strategies to recruit more staff. We have researched past anti-racism efforts, potential resources specific for staff, and how other comparable colleges and universities identify and communicate their diversity, equity, and inclusion goals and practices. 

Future Plans: Increasing engagement of staff and students in Task Force efforts. Further collaboration with VP Bruce King on selecting and implementing antiracist training programs that will meet staff’s unique and varied needs. Staff participation in decision-making and governance, increasing collaboration both vertically and horizontally across campus towards establishing a clear set of protocols to support BIPOC staff. Working with the student members to forge new links with student organizations so that our work is multiplicative rather than competitive.

Measures of success: Increased staff membership from all areas around the college.  Concrete ways to help staff learn and grow within a context of anti-racism.  Researching, adapting, and presenting a form of staff governance that allows for an official governing body of St. Olaf Staff

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