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Description: This subcommittee liaises with alumni, the administration, departments/offices, and other key stakeholders to advance the action items and goals of the Task Force.

Members:  Anne Berry, Seth Binder, Mary Carlsen, Fiona Carson, Kianna Donnellan, Therees Hibbard, Paul Jackson, Karil Kucera, Jeremy Loebach, Matt Marohl, Yan Pang, Charu Ramesh, Bill Sonnega, Deanna Thompson (also Organizational & Logistics)

Structure: We meet weekly via Zoom. We have a rotating facilitation role among members, where each member takes turns facilitating meetings and then serves as note taker for the next meeting. All roles and positions outside of the subcommittee are acknowledged, but we work to make them irrelevant to the work of the subcommittee. 

Goals: Facilitate communication between the task force and relevant faculty, staff, student, alumni and administrative bodies on campus and off. We designed and maintain the website.

Current Activities: Website design. We are currently communicating with faculty committees also engaging in antiracist work. We sent a list of antiracism training programs compiled by the Research Subcommittee to Bruce King for consideration. We will facilitate future collaboration in the search for programs to meet the needs of individuals at a variety of levels at the college (faculty, staff, student, administration, etc.) We sent a draft of a survey regarding BIPOC staff concerns to Bruce King for collaboration.

Future Plans: Increasing engagement of staff and students in our efforts. Further collaboration with Bruce King on selecting and implementing antiracist training programs. Increasing awareness of the need for oversight for Staff to increase participation in decision making and establishing a clear set of protocols to support BIPOC staff. Working with the student members to forge new links with student organizations so that our work is multiplicative rather than competitive.

Ways that you can get involved: If you’re interested in learning more about the Liaison Subcommitte, send an email to: Students who have already met with the Student Membership Committee who are interested in joining this committee, may contact Anne Berry at

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