Cannon Valley Makers seeks donations of all kinds in the next months. We aim to open our doors March 1st, 2020.
We are a 501c3 not-for-profit entity.

Monetary Donations and gifts

These are always welcome. For gifts over $100 please contact David Peterson at djpmaker <at>

Equipment and Tools

If you have a piece (or pieces) of equipment you want to donate, we’ll be holding “Donation days” soon at the Makerspace in Dundas, MN. We can’t take everything, of course. If your piece is large or needs work, please contact us first – 

Materials and Operational

It takes a lot to run a makerspace. From saw blades, to paint, garbage bags, brooms and coffee… We rely on our community of members and supporters for much of this upkeep.
Here’s the list of day-to-day materials and equipment we’re currently seeking: [COMING SOON]

Volunteers and Time

The greatest gift you can give, of course, is your time and energy. We will always welcome volunteers. 
Our volunteer sign up is Coming Soon.