C.O.W.S. – February 11th, Imminent Brewery

by | Jan 7, 2020 | Events

Join Michelle Martin, of Prairie Creek Community School and Cannon Valley Makers, for a lively discussion of our hopes, dreams, and fears – AND SCIENCE – behind the upcoming Makerspace in Dundas! 

Imminent Brewery, Northfield
Tuesday February 11, 2020.
Doors open at 6pm, our presentation at 6:30.

From the C.O.W.S. Website:

C.O.W.S. (Conversations on the Wonders of Science) is a monthly science café in Northfield, Minnesota. Our goal is to engage with the public to increase scientific literacy and spread excitement about new scientific discoveries. Each month, we invite a local scientist to give a short, engaging talk (10-15 minutes) that is intended to spark lively discussion, so we leave plenty of time for questions and conversation (30-40 minutes). Our topics range across all scientific disciplines, from ecology to psychology to astronomy and chemistry. We hope to create an informal, casual atmosphere that encourages all participants to feel comfortable asking questions or volunteering ideas. Everyone is welcome! Come join us to eat, drink, and talk about the wonders of science!

C.O.W.S. meets on the second Tuesday of the month at Imminent